An especially well known family bucher-tavern in Poros, that there is no other similar.

The place is beautifully decorated, with amazing sea view of the port and the bay. It operates all the year and during summer the tables go out to the pictureque alley.

Dimitris and his family prepare to the bucher shop
of the taver your meat, on the grill with delicious
appetizers, continuously since 1980!

The wine of Dimitris is made of fresh grapes and being kept in the barrels for a whole year, so you can taste amazing wine, red or white and retsina, alongside with your food.

In to our tavern you will taste a large variety of delicious homemade appetizers from original recipies.

Grill on Charcol, all meats are fresh cut and grill on charcoal straight from bucher's shop next door.

Baby beef steak, pork chops, pork fillet, beef kebab, sirloin steak, T-bone steak, Honey moon steak, lamb cutlets, lamb steak, lamb spare ribs, leg or breast from chicken or turkey, rib steak (extension), dimitris steak, tatar, pork-chicken-turkey sausage, mix kebab, beef liver with onions, and along with them briam, moussakas, stuffed tomatoes or baked meat rolls.

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